Flooring America: Where the People of Illinois Go for Their Home Flooring

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Flooring America: Where the People of Illinois Go for Their Home Flooring

Flooring America provides high-quality flooring materials to homeowners across Illinois. With stores conveniently located all over the state in regions like Champaign, Columbia, Decatur, Springfield, Swansea, and more, we pride ourselves on our flooring expertise, our customer service, and our broad selection of products.

Illinois has distinct seasons. The weather veers between blustery, snowy winters where temperatures can plummet well below zero, to hot, rainy summers with high humidity. These extremes can wreak havoc on flooring under the wrong conditions. That’s why our knowledgeable team will help you find a durable product that’s right for the climate.

Whether this is your first time owning a home or you’re an experienced homeowner, we can make finding and choosing quality flooring easier. We’ll listen to your needs and preferences to guide you toward the ideal products for any room in your home.

Popular Illinois Flooring Options

Flooring America offers numerous styles, products, and materials, giving homeowners nearly limitless freedom to build a custom look and feel. Some of our most popular offerings include hardwood, tile, carpet, and luxury vinyl.

Hardwood is prized for its classical look, good ROI, and durability. Luxury vinyl also offers durability, with greater resistance to moisture. Our luxury vinyl options are easy to maintain, and can withstand heavy foot traffic in your home’s busiest areas.

Tile is especially resistant to moisture, making tile flooring well suited to the kitchen, bathroom, or foyer, where mud and snow are often tracked into the house. Carpeting offers extra comfort and insulation, with features like waterproofing and stain-resistance available.

Your dream home doesn’t have to be a dream any longer. If you’re ready to make your vision a reality, visit one of our conveniently located stores today. Just ask our dedicated team how we can help you get started.

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