What's the Softest Carpet Type?

What's the Softest Carpet Type?

There isn’t necessarily one type of carpet that is the softest, but there are a few factors that contribute to carpet softness. These factors include:

  • Carpet denier
  • Carpet material
  • Carpet style

What is carpet denier?

Carpet denier is the thickness of each strand. Generally, thickness is better for denier because it makes the carpet more durable, but thinner carpet strands are better for softness. This means there can be a tradeoff when it comes to carpet durability and carpet softness.

What are the best materials?

Nylon is known to be one of the softest carpet materials and it’s also very durable, making it a desirable option. To achieve the softest nylon carpet, you would have to choose a thinner denier.

Polyester is also another great option if you are looking for softness, but unlike nylon, it does not have durability on its side, which is one reason that nylon is favored.

Carpet Style

For carpet style, you should avoid looped carpets such as Berber or tightly twisted carpet known as frieze. These styles of carpet are known for their durability but not their softness. Pile cut carpet is a better option when considering softness.

The Challenges of Cleaning

As previously mentioned, soft carpet is not the most durable, often making it hard to keep clean. Install soft carpet sparingly in high-traffic areas if you want your carpet to have longevity. Bedrooms are the best place for soft carpet, as they are low traffic. Plus, stepping out of bed and onto something cozy is always a great way to start the morning.

It is also important to note that vacuuming can be challenging because a low denier means more strands. These thin individual strands can easily get stuck in your vacuum, making it hard to push. To keep your vacuum and carpet looking good, you can purchase a vacuum with adjustable height and beater bars (the spinning metal bar that loosens dirt and dust) to ensure easy, effective vacuuming even on the softest carpet.


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