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Wood Flooring for a Transitional Specialty Room

Depending on what room you choose to make from your specialty space, may depend on what kind of style you want to give it.

That's why transitional wood flooring is a perfect fit! Wood is timeless and instantly complements any decor scheme you throw at it – from clean, modern minimalist to softer, classic comfort. So why limit your design options when you can have them both?

Meet in the middle of modern meets classic for the best bits of both with our transitional-inspired wood flooring looks! We've got all the styles, stains, textures, natural substitutes and finishes you could want!

How to Find Your Flooring

Forget deciding on one or the other!

Our transitional wood flooring looks provide your specialty space with the perfect mix of contemporary chic and cozy classic.

And because wood is so adaptable to any and all styles, it's the perfect option of flooring choice to use for your specialty room remodel regardless of room type – game room, home theater, play place, conservatory, craft space – even pet domain!

Get some assistance navigating which choice of wood flooring is best for your space with My Design Finder. It's fast, easy and as close to "try it before you buy it" as it gets when it comes to flooring!