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Transitional Specialty Rooms

It's time to design your bonus space, and using a transitional design gives you a ton of great options. You can combine the best parts of modern, clean design with the finer details and beauty of the traditional style.

How you want to use transitional design will, of course, be based on how you use the room. Perhaps an office can have an ornate desk with the contrasts of black and white and minimalist decor. A clean room can mean a clear mind!

A playroom gives you additional options, where a playful-looking child's bed can be combined with clean lines in the organizational shelving and boxes that store toys. Or, a man cave can have comfortable, traditional furniture complemented by bold, sturdy flooring.

However you choose to set up your transitional specialty room design, you can get started today. My Design Tool can help. Let's go!

Find Your Flooring

As you get your transitional specialty room design moving forward, you'll need to decide on some flooring. You have a lot of choices, but that can sometimes make things harder instead of easier.

It may help to decide first whether you want your flooring to reflect modern style or traditional. From there, you can decide more easily what flooring material you'd like.

For a modern emphasis, consider black or dark flooring, or a repeat pattern tile. For a more traditional focus, consider carpet or wood-style flooring.

From there, choose a flooring material. You'll be able to see the colors and patterns available for transitional style. More choices? Simply come back and choose another flooring material.

Once you have some ideas from our images, you'll have a better idea what type of flooring style you're looking for. Our interior design tool helps you narrow it down. Get started now!