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Tiled Flooring for a Rustic Farmhouse Specialty Room

Tile flooring for your farmhouse themed specialty room is one of the most versatile options you can find!

From rustic limestone and natural slate to brick shaped tiles, even wood replication – tile flooring has every country chic design you can imagine and then some!

So push your specialty room flooring to the country limit with these stunning tile styles, types, textures, colors, patterns and finishes. Your specialty space will look better off because of it.

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What specialty room are you looking to remodel? Game room, home office, utility space, craft station, kids play area, wet bar – whatever theme you're looking to add to your home, give it that regal meets rustic look with a tile look floor design!

Our lineup of quality tile flooring looks give you tons of opportunities to infuse that charming country chic feel into your room.

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