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Rustic Farmhouse Specialty Rooms

Creating a reading nook, rec room, or some other specialty space, and looking for a way to bring the country inside? Consider a rustic farmhouse specialty room design. You can bring old-fashioned, picturesque elements into your space to bring coziness and warmth.

Bring rugged, natural beauty into your specialty room in a variety of ways. A distressed wagon wheel or empty window frame make excellent decor. You can choose earthy colors and bring warmth into the space with soft furniture, rugs, and much more.

A reading nook can have warm wood bookcases, soft furniture, and dried flowers on a side table. A craft room can include homey elements while being practical and functional.

And of course, your flooring plays a big role in your rustic farmhouse design. Our interior design tool makes it easy to browse flooring materials, colors, and more. It's simple to choose the flooring style that's perfect for you and your family!

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The perfect flooring for your rustic farmhouse specialty room can be one of a number of options. Do you need durable flooring? If so, there are a wide array of colors and patterns available, including wood-look and stone-look floors.

Not as concerned about durability? Consider the warmth of carpet, or the classic look of wood. No matter what you choose to bring the outdoors inside, your flooring can bring it all together.

Use our room design tool to make your selection easy. Simply choose your flooring material, and then review the colors and designs available. Don't see what you need? Come on back and try a different flooring material.

Finding the perfect flooring style for your specialty room isn't hard. Our tools make it simple. There's no reason not to find the perfect specialty room flooring style for your family today!