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Tiled Flooring for a Modern & Contemporary Specialty Room

Specialty rooms can be practically anything because they're basically a hobby room – a craft space, game room, home office, library, man cave, trophy room, utility room, etc.

And with most specialty rooms, you want a fresh and fashionable decor scheme that pairs with a complementary floor that's enduring and adaptable.

Discover our modern tile floor designs that offer all those beautiful benefits and more!

Make a mess with your crafts? Tile is easy to clean! Worried about moisture in your utility room? That's less of a worry with with water-resistant tile. Make an impression with your game room – tile speaks volumes.

Think outside the square with these sleek and sexy tile options!

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Specialty rooms come in all shapes, sizes and themes, but they can all have a common decor scheme.

If you're looking for a clean, sleek and fresh floor design that portrays a high gloss and luxe look, then tile is your go-to.

Whatever your specialty space may be, sunroom, sewing room, sports space, gun chamber or man cave, we've got a plethora of patterned tiles, textured tiles, colored tiles, substitute tiles and everything in between

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