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Modern & Contemporary Specialty Rooms

Whether you lean toward modern spaces filled with warm and neutral colors, or contemporary rooms with bold colors and strong contrasts, you can make a great specialty room with modern and contemporary design.

Our images can give you a variety of ideas depending on how you plan to use the room. In an office, the desk and chair can do a lot to define your style. Or, if you choose a mancave, you can use sofas, bookcases, or TVs.

Your wall colors can be a great way to define your style as well. Consider black and whites, or bright colors. You can also have neutral walls to bring in some warmth while focusing on other straight lines and keeping your decoration clean.

Your flooring is another great way to heighten modern specialty room design. It can bring contrast and pattern into the room.

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Find Your Flooring

Modern specialty room flooring styles vary more than you'd expect. You can certainly choose black flooring, either stone-style or wood-style. Or, you can choose a repeating pattern tile to bring in contrast and visual interest.

The beauty of modern style specialty rooms is that your flooring options are virtually limitless!

If your flooring style includes neutral colors, consider either carpet or even brown wood-style flooring. You can even choose color if you are doing a more contemporary specialty room design.

From a sleek home office to an inspiring home gym. choosing the base for your specialty room is simple with the Find My Flooring tool. Simply choose a flooring material now to see the design and colors available.

Still looking? Simply come back and select another flooring material for more options. Get started designing the modern room of your dreams today!