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Wood Flooring for an Eclectic Specialty Room

Although eclectic style is about infusing personality into your space, one solid rule to follow is balance.

Finding the right balance between what you love and what your bedroom actually needs is an art form in and of itself, which is why wood flooring can help create a timeless trend, tying all your specialty room styles into a more consistent look.

From sophisticated and contemporary to retro and classic, wood flooring can help you achieve that stylish line between cohesive and chaos.

Apply this method to whatever you make your specialty room – game room, wet bar, den, arts and crafts space or sunroom – and you'll love the way it all comes together.

How to Find Your Flooring

Eclectic style should be about expressing yourself while balancing that expression in an free flowing yet carefully crafted fashion.

That's what makes eclectic so unique, you can't just go pick out an eclectic specialty room design from the furniture store. You've got to work hard for a look that seems like creative chaos.

The good news is that our wood flooring styles, textures, stain shade, grain and affordable substitutes can create appealing symmetry and juxtaposition to your specialty room's other non-wood decor.

Let My Design Finder show you what we mean. Play around with eclectic styles until you strike a look that hits home!