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Eclectic Specialty Rooms

Sometimes your specialty room doesn't fit into the box of a single design. No problem! Eclectic specialty room design makes it easy to design your nursery, man cave, or home office however you most enjoy it.

Love the soft colors of a beach house style but also the clean lines of a modern look? You can choose paint and furniture that brings those two together. Your decor can even include elements of rustic farmhouse design!

Or, perhaps you love traditional design but want to also have style elements that represent a simpler country life. Bring together those features in a way that feels right to you. When you have the eclectic design of your dreams, it will all be worth it!

Use our interior design tool to get inspiration on how to bring styles together. Then, take a look at flooring style options and bring it all together!

Find Your Flooring

Choosing flooring for an eclectic specialty room design gives you a wide range of options. Because you're bringing together multiple styles in a unique way, the sky's the limit on the flooring choices you have.

Consider first the function of your space. It's likely that a nursery will need different flooring styles than a man cave or reading nook. A space for family may need more durable flooring, where an adult space may benefit from more elegant materials.

To get idea, check out our images above. From there, choose a flooring material here in our room design tool. You'll be able to browse the colors and patterns available. Still looking? Simply come back and select a different flooring material for more options!

No matter how you want to bring your unique design together, our interior design tool makes it easy. From inspiration to the flooring styles that bring it all together, there's no reason not to get started today!