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Tiled Flooring for a Coastal Beach House Specialty Room

If your backyard is the sandy shores of the beach, then there's a couple things to keep in mind when floor shopping for your home.

Firstly, you want a floor style that can portray the power and calm of the ocean. Secondly, you need a floor that isn't fazed by the harshness of salt, moisture and foot traffic.

With our selection of specialty room tile flooring styles, you can check off both items on the list. Tile not only gives you versatile options like porcelain, vinyl, faux wood and stone, but it does so without compromising on the durability of the real thing!

So if you're hosting friends and family at your beach house bungalow, rest easy knowing that you've got a floor that will wow in elegance and endurance.

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When you're remodeling rooms in your beach house abode, you expect your renovations to last, right?

You don't install flooring with a 5-year redo plan. That's why it's important that you pick a floor type that's as coastal and contemporary as it is enduring and low-maintenance.

So if your specialty room is a space that gets a lot of heavy use and elemental abuse – like a home gym, game room, kids play area or sunroom – we'll make sure you're covered, literally and stylistically.

Use My Design Finder to play around with our diverse tile designs to find the right look that will strike the seaside style for your home!