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Coastal Beach House Specialty Rooms

There's something about the beach that almost everyone finds relaxing. The rhythm of the waves, the smell of salt air, and the temperate weather all play a part.

Even if you don't live near the coast, you can bring the beach to your home through a coastal beach house specialty room design. Have a nursery that needs to be calm and mellow? A beach theme is perfect. It's also great for a home office, reading nook, or any other kind of space!

Bring in peaceful light blues and browns, and decorate with stripes, seashells, or other ocean elements. The gentle, laid-back feeling of being at the beach can be yours easily.

As you choose your paint, decor, and furniture, keep your mind open regarding your flooring. Should the flooring style bring in additional pattern or color, or do you want it to be a neutral and allow other things to shine?

The good news is that you can look through your options easily with My Design Finder. Get started with your coastal beach house specialty room today!

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What kind of floor does your specialty room need? A lot of families are looking for durable, easy-to-care-for flooring styles. The great news is that these are available in wood-look, stone-look, and a variety of colors and patterns.

Carpet is another excellent flooring style for a coastal beach house, because it brings the softness and comfort that makes you think of a sandy beach. Whether you choose a neutral brown, a soft blue, or another color or pattern, carpet makes it easy to design your space.

With so many choices, it's possible to be overwhelmed. Fortunately, our room design tool makes it easy to choose your flooring style. Simply select a flooring material and take a look at the colors and styles available.

Not quite what you're looking for? Come back here and select a different material. You'll be able to find the flooring style that's perfect for your space and your family.

Get started selecting your flooring style today!