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Classic & Traditional Specialty Rooms

Using classic style to design a home office, man cave, or other specialty room is a way to keep the space timeless and classy. Traditional specialty room design is sophisticated and always in style, but you want to take steps to avoid having it look too old-fashioned.

To keep your specialty room fresh, consider solid colors and avoid having too many antiques and patterns together in the space. Instead, choose your traditional elements carefully and be sure not to overcrowd your space.

Consider mixing in some statement pieces from around the world, and choose unexpected countries. Why not India or Africa?

You might also consider some pops of color, or colorful patterns on furniture and fabric. All of these steps will help your traditional specialty room design fresh and not stuffy.

Your flooring can pull the entire design together. Use our room design tool to select the perfect flooring material, color, and design for your space. Get started designing the perfect specialty space today!

Find Your Flooring

Classic flooring is always stylish, and it's a great way to bring together the furniture and decor in your room.

For a specialty room that will be used by children or the whole family, you might consider durable carpet or laminate. The good news is that there are a wide variety of styles and colors available in those materials.

If you're looking for a more sophisticated room for adults, like a home office or multi-media space, consider a floor that reflects that use. Perhaps a wood-look floor that serves as a focal point, or a great tile that will help highlight the room's theme.

Choosing your flooring style is simple with our My Design Finder tool. Simply pick the material you'd like to use, and you'll see the colors and styles available. For more options, choose a different material.

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