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Wood Flooring for a Transitional Living Room

Wood flooring and wood-style flooring in other materials helps you design the perfect transitional living room.

Think about how the room will be used. Can you use real wood, or do you need a more durable wood-look material like laminate? If you have children or pets, you may want an easy to care for option.

After that, think about whether your transitional living room wood flooring will reflect the modern side or traditional side of transitional design. That will help you decide what colors and patterns are most appropriate.

Our images give you a variety of transitional living room wood flooring ideas. From there, our room design tool will help you select the pattern or color that's right for your space.

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How to Find Your Flooring

Wood and wood-look flooring is beautiful in any living room, and can be especially nice with transitional living room design.

For a more modern emphasis in your transitional living room wood flooring, choose a bold pattern, black, or even painted white. Your furniture can bring in a more traditional vibe, or you can use your decor to bring in the details that are so much a part of traditional design.

Or, with a more traditional focus in your wood flooring, you can go for a classic light or dark wood. You can even choose a wood-look laminate if you want flooring that is easy to care for and beautiful at the same time.

However you choose to set up your transitional living room design, My Design Finder can help. Take a look at the colors and patterns of transitional living room wood flooring we have available. Still want options? Simply choose a different flooring material.

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