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Transitional Living Rooms

Interested in welcoming your guests - and your family - into a room that's both comfortable and practical? A transitional style is perfect for you.

Bringing together the best of modern and traditional designs, transitional living room design allows you to focus on function and clean lines while also having a deeply comfortable vibe.

Mix comfortable furniture with a striking coffee table, or a variety of contrasting black and whites with a detailed pattern. No matter how you put your living room design together, you'll love the combination of clean space and comfort.

Our images will give you a lot of transitional living room design ideas. Then, it's time to choose your flooring style! Our interior design tool makes it easy, giving you options for both material and color.

Whether you intend your transitional living room flooring style to be the centerpiece of your room or a gentle backdrop to your design, we can help you get there!

Find Your Flooring

Living room flooring doesn't have to be predictable or drab. Please! There are so many choices! Why not explore a rainbow of colors and designs for living room carpeting?

Or, take a look at tile, wood, or laminate. You can choose a stunning black and white pattern to bring a modern touch to the transitional room. If you'd rather have a neutral palate, we can offer that, as well.

Whatever material or color you're interested in, find it by selecting your flooring material below. Then, get inspired by the colors and patterns we can show you in this style!

For more ideas, try different flooring materials. Your idea transitional living room design is within your reach. Get started now!