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Rustic Farmhouse Living Rooms

Do you enjoy the countryside so much you'd love to bring it indoors? You're not alone. Having a rustic farmhouse living room design can be a dream come true to many.

If you have exposed wooden beams in your home already, you've got a great foundation. Even if you don't, look for ways to bring the natural outdoors in. Would a rustic window frame, painted with a distressed treatment, give you a great wall hanging? Or would some wildflowers in a vase give your living room a hint of the farm?

You can choose a rustic coffee table, or simply use a comfortable couch with plenty of pillows and blankets. This style is super cozy, so it can be perfect for a smaller space.

With your many rustic farmhouse living room ideas, don't forget about the flooring. My Design Tool can help you choose an excellent flooring style, including the material and design. Get started today!

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The right rustic farmhouse living room flooring style can bring your look together perfectly.

Consider the size of your room as you think about your flooring style. Lighter materials and colors can help emphasize space in a smaller living room, while darker tones can bring warmth and coziness to a large space.

Our room design tool makes it easy to select your flooring style. Start with choosing your flooring material, such as carpet, tile, or laminate.

Then, browse the selection of colors and patterns available for the rustic farmhouse living room style.

Interested in more? Come back and select a different material, or even review the options in other styles!

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