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Wood Flooring for a Modern & Contemporary Living Room

Wood flooring in a modern living room design? It may seem odd, but it can be unbelievably beautiful. The key is that wood flooring doesn't have to be brown! It certainly can be, but it can be any number of other colors.

You can paint wood, or even arrange it as a pattern if you care to. You can use your wood flooring to create amazing contrast or simply use it as a neutral background to the rest of your amazing design.

Modern style has plenty of room for a variety of flooring styles, and wood can be the perfect match. Take a look at our images and the colors and styles available!

How to Find Your Flooring

How do you choose a wood flooring style for your living room? A modern living room design can benefit from wood flooring in a variety of ways.

You can choose to paint flooring black, white, or grey if you want to create a stark background for modern design. Or, you can choose a more moderate wood color for a backdrop to your stylish furniture.

Of course, the size of your living room matters to. Avoid getting to many dark colors in a small space, but use them to make a large room more cozy.

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