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Tiled Flooring for a Modern & Contemporary Living Room

Ready for tile in your modern living room design? It may seem like an odd choice, but it can be absolutely amazing.

Tile, by its nature, gives you a huge variety and a lot of options. Want a pattern? A mix of colors? A natural look? Perfect white, or perfect black?

Choose tile! It's a durable, beautiful material that can also add gloss. The shine of tile can help your modern and contemporary living room design pop even more.

Tile can be the perfect way to showcase a modern coffee table, or a beautiful contemporary sofa. Get started with your dream living room design today!

Find Your Flooring

Choosing tile is an excellent and edgy choice for your modern living room. You can add color, pattern, shine, or a mix of all of it.

First, decide whether the flooring style will be a focal point of the design or a backdrop for other elements. This will help make it easier to choose a color or pattern.

Next, think about the size of your room. How much shine do you want, or is a matte look better? Is dark flooring best, or would lighter colors expand the space?

Finally, take a look at the images and options we have in My Design Finder. We can help you find the flooring style that's perfect for your modern living room design.

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