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Carpeting for a Modern & Contemporary Living Room

Ready to set up your modern or contemporary living room? Carpeting can be perfect. You may want to use your flooring as a neutral backdrop to other contrasting elements. Why not use a grey, brown, or even black carpeting?

Your furniture or decor can bring in the sharp lines, open spaces, and clean feel of a modern living room design. Keep it simple with your flooring style!

Or, choose a pattern. Your carpeting can be part of the eye-catching design you put into your style.

However you like to set up your living room, your modern carpeting can fit the look. Get started now!

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The images on this page can help you understand how to use carpet for a modern living room design. Then, you can select the color or pattern that fits best for you.

Interested in a solid neutral style? We have it! Or a pattern? Or a bold color who can be the centerpiece of a strong design?

Whatever you like, we can help you select it. Want more ideas? Try another modern living room flooring material.

Design your dream modern living room today!