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Wood Flooring for an Eclectic Living Room

Looking to bring an elegant, perhaps formal, feel into your eclectic living room? Or are you looking for a design element that can highlight a farmhouse or traditional style? Either way, wood and wood look flooring could be perfect for you.

There's a reason that wood and wood look flooring is so popular. It's beautiful, easy to work into a room design, and can be very durable. If you choose true hardwood, be sure you can care for it and that your family won't damage the flooring. If you have pets or children, a vinyl or laminate wood look could be a better choice.

Either way, beautiful wood and wood look flooring can help you create the perfect eclectic living room design. Use it as a neutral base while your furniture or decor carries the show. Or, use the wood as a centerpiece in itself.

Either way, our room design tool can help. Get plenty of eclectic living room wood flooring ideas, and then use My Design Finder to find the perfect flooring style for your space. Get started today!

How to Find Your Flooring

Wood flooring is a classic in any room, especially a living room. It can serve as an elegant centerpiece if you want to bring out traditional or even farmhouse design styles. Or, you can use it as a backdrop while you accent modern or another style with your furniture and art.

When using wood flooring styles in a living room, keep in mind that there are many options. A heavily used room will benefit from a durable wood look flooring style, while real wood is a great option for a living room that will get gentle use and proper care.

Wood and wood look flooring are very popular and appealing, so choosing this type of flooring can help the value of your home. You can bring in color and interest with rugs as well as your furniture and decor.

Choosing your wood flooring style is simple in My Design Finder. Simply get the ideas you need from our images above, and then select the right color and pattern of wood flooring for your space.

Your dream eclectic living room design is within reach. Get started today!