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Tiled Flooring for an Eclectic Living Room

Tile in a living room are perfect for eclectic design. Not only are they interesting and unique, but they give you a huge variety of options when it comes to design color, pattern, and style.

Tiled flooring can be easy to care for if it's sealed and cleaned properly. It serves as an excellent backdrop for any number of furniture styles, from modern to farmhouse and everything in between. You can complement the look with art to bring your eclectic style together in a way that is unique to you alone.

You can also use tile as a way to bring interest and color into your space as the centerpoint of the room. Why not create a design centered in the room, such as a large geometric pattern? Or consider a more subtle pattern, and bring in warmth and color with rugs and furniture.

No matter how you are looking to combine styles in your space, eclectic living room tiled flooring is easy to choose. Simply get ideas from our room design tool and then choose the right color and pattern for your home!

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Tiled flooring in your eclectic living room design makes it easy to incorporate a variety of styles. You can use dramatic black and whites to bring modern design into your space. Or, use browns or even a wood look tile for a farmhouse style.

Patterns allow you to use a variety of color, such as whites and blues for a beach house feel. Or, you can keep it classic with a simple neutral and focus on bringing warmth and interest with your furniture, art, and other decor.

Tile is a great choice for both a well-used room and a more formal, less-used entertaining area. It's both durable and elegant, allowing you to bring in whatever feel you desire. It can be left plain, or warmed with rugs and throws.

As you put together your eclectic living room design, our room design tool can help. Get ideas for your flooring style from our images above, and then simply choose the perfect color and pattern for your space.

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