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Carpeting for an Eclectic Living Room

Eclectic style is a beautiful way to bring together multiple styles in a way that is unique to you and you alone. You don't have to worry about seeing your style anywhere else in the world. Nothing will ever match you unique vision!

No matter how you choose to bring styles together in your living room, consider the function you want to have. Many times, living rooms should be inviting and perfect for both family and guests. You want your furniture, design, and decor to reflect that.

You may choose to use your family room as a living room, or as a more formal area. Either way, carpet can be the perfect complement. Eclectic living room carpeting ideas can help you decide the best way to use this material in your space.

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Carpet is a classic flooring material in a living room for good reason. It's comfortable, soft, and can be quite durable if you choose well.

Whether you are bringing together your favorite parts of traditional and coastal style, or mixing modern with a country vibe, carpet can help you bring it all together. You'll want to look at both the size and use of your space as you choose your carpeting.

A heavily used room will need a durable carpet, and a lightly used room or a home without kids and pets can support a softer, more elegant carpeting. You can use light colors to expand a small space, and a darker color to warm a larger space.

You can choose patterned carpet or a solid color. Your flooring can be part of your design focus, or a neutral background for other elements.

No matter how you want to use eclectic living room carpeting in your home, My Design Finder can help. Discover the colors and patterns we have available today!