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Eclectic Living Rooms

Sometimes you ideal design doesn't fit in a neat little box. There's nothing wrong with that! Take your favorite parts of every style and bring them together in a way that's perfect for your family and lifestyle.

Enjoy the open, practical space of the modern style with the rustic decor of a farmhouse. Or, combine the blues and browns of the ocean with beautiful, detailed traditional furniture. Whatever eclectic living room ideas appeal to you, you can make it happen.

Love the pure black floor of contemporary design, but nothing else about that style? Grab that flooring style and combine it with what you love from a traditional, beach, or farm living room.

There are so many ways to create your own unique eclectic living room design. Our room design tool is here to help. From getting inspiration to choosing the perfect flooring style to bring it together, there's no reason not to start today!

Find Your Flooring

Eclectic flooring doesn't have to be chaotic - it just has to match the vision you have of your dream living room. That's possible with a wide array of materials and designs. The good news is that we have a lot of images to give you inspiration and ideas!

You can choose a stone-looking flooring style for a really unique eclectic living room design. Or, go with something simpler and more neutral like wood-look flooring style or carpet.

Even within those materials there are additional options - colors and designs that you can choose from. My Design Finder makes it easy to see everything so that you can make the right decision for your style.

First, choose a flooring material. This will give you an array of colors and patterns to choose from. Don't like what you see yet? No problem. Choose another material, or even check out the options for other living room styles!

No matter how you like to bring together different looks, we can help you find the flooring style that's perfect for you. Get started today!