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Coastal Beach House Living Rooms

Relaxing on the beach is a dream for most people, but you can make it a reality in your own home! By choosing a coastal beach house living room design, you can bring the easy and laid-back vibe of the beach into your most-used room.

Whether you're entertaining, gathering with the family to watch movies, or simply enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon, having a coastal beach theme in your living room will make it even more relaxing. Choose blues and browns, or decorate with beach finds like shells or starfish.

You can fully embrace the look with your decor, including netting, sailor motifs, and more. Or, you can choose to keep it more subtle, by embracing a beach vibe using one or two key pieces and leaving everything else more neutral.

No matter what coastal beach house living room ideas you use, you'll need the perfect flooring style to pull it together. There are so many options, but My Design Finder makes it easy to choose. Design your dream beachside living room today!

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You may wish you could import sand for an authentic feel in your coastal beach house living room design, but that wouldn't work out well. Instead, think about what flooring styles you can choose that would bring in the same feeling.

Do you want a soft brown carpet that will feel great between your toes? Or a great tile or laminate flooring that brings in the colors and designs of the ocean?

Whether you want wood or stone-look flooring, or a pattern that invokes the sea, our room design tool has the option you're looking for.

Simply choose your flooring material first, and then see the various colors and patterns available. Still looking? Come back and choose another flooring type, or even explore other living room styles!

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