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Carpeting for a Classic & Traditional Living Room

A classic, traditional living room design is inviting, warm, and elegant. You never have to worry that your style will go out of fashion when you stick with traditional design. And carpet is a perfect complement to that charming living room design.

Traditional living room carpeting can be a variety of colors and patterns, so don't feel like you have to keep things neutral. In fact, detail is a key part of traditional design, and having detail in the pattern of your flooring can be a great way to bring that in.

Don't be afraid to let your flooring style be a backdrop to gorgeous furniture, attractive artwork, and much more. But don't feel like that's the only option.

Instead, get inspiration and traditional living room carpeting ideas from our images above. Then, take a look at the colors and patterns we offer, and choose the right flooring style for your space today!

Let Us Help You Find Your Flooring

How do you select carpeting for a classic, traditional living room? Very simply, you get great inspiration and find the perfect style for your space!

Classic living room design gives you a chance to choose from warm inviting neutrals or delicately patterned colors. You can choose light colors for a small space to enhance the size, or dark colors to allow a large space to feel cozy.

Do you have large statement furniture pieces that should steal the show? A simple brown carpet can be the perfect backdrop. For something more eye-catching, consider a dark-and-light pattern for detail and contrast.

My Design Tool makes these choices simple. Get ideas from our images, then browse our colors and patterns. We have the flooring style you need in your living room today!