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Classic & Traditional Living Rooms

Sometimes a living room is the best place for a traditional and classic design. There's something about the softness, the detail, and the comfort that makes a traditional room welcoming.

Whether you plan to entertain or spend time with the family in your living room, creating a space everyone enjoys being is vital. A traditional, classic look can make that easy.

Choose a soft sofa with intricate details. A beautiful antique coffee table. An armoire that hides your technology when it's not in use.

Once you've put together the traditional living room ideas you love, consider the floor. Do you want carpeting that complements your color scheme? A hard floor that you can soften with rugs? Perhaps a durable laminate to hold up to kids and pets?

Whatever classic living room flooring style you're looking for, our room design tool makes it easy to find. Get started created your room now!

Find Your Flooring

Traditional living room flooring may be easy to visualize, but don't let yourself be hemmed in by expectations. There is a lot you can do with this flooring style!

A patterned tile can bring interest while being easy to warm with a rug. Or, wood-appearing laminate can give you a feeling of classic design while being durable enough for your lifestyle.

Whether you're interested in carpet, wood, laminate, or more, My Design Finder can allow you to explore your choices.

First, select your flooring material. Then, take a look at the options available under the classic living room design.

For even more ideas, look at other flooring materials and colors. Get started with your flooring now!