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What's your living room style?

What kind of living room do you dream of? Is it an entertainment paradise? A place for rest and visiting? A technological wonder?

Whatever you want from your living room, there are living room design ideas that are perfect for you. We have images on this page that are meant to inspire you to dream big.

Love a modern living room with stylish furniture, clean lines, and vivid contrast? Or perhaps a traditional living room, filled with comfort and beautiful detail. Or maybe you like to color outside the lines, by choosing a coastal beach living room or a rustic farmhouse look.

If you like a little bit of everything, don't be shy - choose an eclectic style! And then let My Design Finder give you the flooring style choices you've dreamed of. We're here to help!

Choosing a flooring style for your living room

What flooring do you imagine in your dream living room? Is it a soft, sumptuous carpet? Clean, easy-to-handle laminate or tile? A warm, beautiful wood?

All of these choices can make great living room flooring options. Depending on the style you choose, you'll discover various flooring materials, colors, and designs on My Design Finder.

We want to make it easy to explore living room flooring ideas. First, choose your style. Then, once you've gotten inspiration from our images, choose your flooring material.

You'll see the colors and patterns available for that particular flooring style. Want to see more? Come back and choose different materials, or explore an entirely different style!