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Transitional Kitchens

A transitional kitchen design can give you the best of both worlds. You get the clean lines and contrast of a modern kitchen, but you soften it with some traditional elements as well. Your kitchen can be a pillar of harmony and peace in your home.

Think about streamlined wood cabinets featuring sleek hardware with a modern feel. Or consider natural countertops with colors that create a sharp contrast. And you can add a few traditional decorations, or keep it completely clean in a contemporary way. Just be sure to skip overly complex edging or flourishes.

Our images give you a variety of ideas When you have the kitchen style that fits your family and personality, the kitchen's style, function, and comfort level will suit your lifestyle.

We have a variety of transitional kitchen flooring ideas for you to consider, too. My Design Finder can help you choose the transitional kitchen flooring options that are perfect for your space!

Find Your Flooring

Once you've gotten great ideas about your transitional kitchen design, you'll need to consider your flooring.

Flooring in a transitional style gives you a ton of flexibility. Just look at the images on this page. You'll see a variety of materials and colors for this design!

Natural surfaces are common in a transitional kitchen, so consider wood or wood-appearing flooring. Or, think about neutral colored tiles.

When you choose the right colors, you can get a clean, modern, yet warm feeling. The right transitional kitchen flooring options can give you everything you're looking for in your kitchen!

If you're ready to get your flooring chosen, the first step is to choose your material. From laminate to tile to wood, we have what you need.

Then, choose your color. The natural, neutral tones of your transitional kitchen flooring will bring the whole look together!