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Wood Flooring for a Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

If there's one essential element when it comes to country living, it's a quality wood flooring foundation. That warm and welcoming look is the perfect way to say howdy to friends and family.

And as a modern farmhouse staple, continuous wood flooring that stretches throughout your kitchen is as synonymous as a ranch hand and his cattle.

It's time to take pride in your country kitchen with the wood flooring design of your dreams!

So the next time you ring the dinner bell and the herd rushes in, make sure you've got a stylish and durable wood look that can handle the stampede!

How to Find Your Flooring

The ultimate wood flooring option for your farmhouse kitchen is a wide plank look. Wide planks give your kitchen a feeling that the flooring came from old, repurposed barn wood.

It's an unmistakable feature of rustic chic decor that provides a sense of authenticity to your country style.

And if you really want to roll up your flannel sleeves, pair that wide plank style with the look of raw, unstained wood. It's the rustic farmhouse jackpot.

But don't just take our ideal farmhouse style into account. After all, it's your country home whether you're actually in the country or not.

Check out My Design Finder to search wood flooring designs, colors, textures and more. It's easy, fun and handy – just like a ranch hand.