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Tiled Flooring for a Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Just because you want a rustic farmhouse floor style, doesn't mean you have to compromise an elegant design.

Whether you're looking to keep it simple and solid or add a hint of pattern, our farmhouse floor tiles are a perfect solution for your kitchen's form and function.

Easy to clean up and durable enough to withstand years of heavy traffic, our tile options – which come in a wide variety of colors, gloss, textures, types, patterns and more – can create a timeless appeal to complement any farmhouse Feng Shui.

We're so sure you'll find what you need, you can bet the farm!

Find Your Flooring

No matter how hungry you are, never be hungry enough to eat a horse in a drab kitchen.

Instead, get that rustic farmhouse look for your kitchen you've been dreaming of with quality tile flooring designs with My Design Finder!

Play around with various tile looks, textures and colors for a hardy and homespun country look for a kitchen floor choice that's beyond the farm.

And don't' forget, the kitchen is a place for long periods of standing during meal prep.

Luckily for you, we've got stylish and durable tile options with enough cushion to keep you comfortable during those scrumptious home cooked meals!