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Rustic Farmhouse Kitchens

There's something about a rustic farmhouse kitchen that brings back happy memories of days gone by. It's as if you can feel the simpler times around you, encouraging you to slow down, enjoy your creativity, and eat heartily.

A rustic farmhouse kitchen design allows you to experience that warmth while creating memories with a new generation. Whether you live in the country and want to bring the outside in, or you live in suburbs and long for the feel of simple farm life, this kitchen delivers.

Our images give you a variety of rustic farmhouse kitchen ideas. Wood floors, benches, and even exposed beams are all welcome. You might consider open shelving, or glass-front cabinet doors to approximate the look.

An old-fashioned stove and other vintage accents are always on point with a rustic farmhouse kitchen design as well. A large one-basin sink and a big farmhouse table can help you complete the look!

Find Your Flooring

When you're exploring rustic farmhouse kitchen ideas, a wood floor seems almost a given. But don't move so quickly - you have other options as well.

Sometimes laminate flooring that looks like wood can give you a great rustic farmhouse kitchen flooring style. Or, you can choose black and white tile or even checkered linoleum.

If you go with wood, you can decide to either leave it natural or paint it. Both go with this style.

Many of your options will depend on what other design elements you have chosen. If there's already a lot of wood in the kitchen design, a wood floor may seem too much.

On the other hand, if you've chosen shaker-style cabinets or a lot of white in the design, a warm wood tone can be exactly what you need to add depth to the space.

If you're ready for your rustic farmhouse kitchen flooring design, choose your flooring material next. Then, review our ideas for color and make your final choices!