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Eclectic Kitchens

Why choose just one kitchen style when you like elements of all of them? The great news is that you don't have to. Whether you want to bring together two or three elements from different designs, or you want a bit of everything, an eclectic kitchen design is just what you need.

Many people choose an eclectic design because they have specific elements they enjoy from two or more styles. Looking for the soft blues of the beach along with the rustic feel of a farmhouse? Go for it!

Or perhaps you love the modern design of stark contrast and sleek lines, but just can't overlook that farmhouse sink or antique stove. No problem!

Other folks are looking for even more variety. They love to piece together elements of various styles in a way that's unique to them. Exposed wooden beams, steel fixtures, sailor-striped stools, and contemporary decor? Enjoy yourself!

No matter what it is you love to pull together, you can make it work for your family. Enjoy the images we have as you look for eclectic kitchen ideas and create your dream design style!

Find Your Flooring

As you piece together the eclectic kitchen design of your dreams, you may already know exactly what flooring style you're looking for.

Perhaps part of your vision includes having dark black wood-tone floors. Or patterned tile. Or painted flooring.

Or, perhaps the focus of your eclectic kitchen ideas have been on wall colors, appliances, and cabinets, and you're a little lost on your kitchen flooring style.

My Design Finder can help. We have images here of various eclectic kitchen designs to give you inspiration. From here, you can choose your flooring type and go on to review color options.

Whether you know exactly what flooring style you'd like, or you need help finding a great fit, My Design Finder is the perfect tool for you!

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