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Coastal Beach House Kitchens

Whether you live just blocks from the ocean or in a landlocked state that's days away from any beach, there's always a desire to have the relaxation and fun of sun and sand. What about bringing that vibe into your home through a coastal beach kitchen design?

Keep in mind that this design does not have to be garish or kitschy. It's not about putting seashells on everything - although shells are welcome. It's more about bringing the feeling of warm sun and ocean water into your home, so that your kitchen feels like a relaxing oasis.

Let's face it, a lot of what we do in the kitchen is work! Having a laid-back coastal beach vibe can make it relaxing and fun, rather than stressful. Consider bringing in the light brown and soft blues that are so prevalent near the ocean, or adding sailor-striping to the furniture.

You can use iridescent tile as a backsplash to bring in the shimmer of the ocean water, or even introduce some gentle yellows to mimic the sun.

The key with a coastal kitchen design is to avoid going over-the-top and becoming gaudy or overdone. Simple, tasteful accents are all you need.

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Excited about your coastal beach kitchen ideas, but not sure what to do with the flooring? It's understandable. The good news is that this design leaves you a lot of flexibility.

Many elements of a coastal beach flooring style will depend on the other parts of your room. If you have a lot of light colors on walls and appliances, you may consider a darker floor.

Of course, if you have a small kitchen, light colors and a lighter wood floor could be just what you need to open up the space.

A coastal beach kitchen design benefits from a wide variety of flooring, including painted floors, tile, and light neutral wood tones.

Ready to choose your flooring style? Select the material you're interested in below, and then look through color options. Your coastal kitchen design will be in top shape in no time!