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Classic & Traditional Kitchens

Classic kitchen design is timeless and traditional. There's something about it that makes everyone feel comfortable, from grandma to your favorite nephew.

Having a traditional kitchen design can also be excellent for resale value. You don't have to worry about quirks and flourishes that will make buyers grimace!

So, what classic kitchen ideas can you implement in your own space? You can start with simple architectural details, like crown molding and toe kicks. If you want to move toward a traditional design, you can additional eye-catching embellishment, too.

Colors are often neutral and timeless. Blacks, whites, and soft warm colors create an inviting feel. Soft lines help everyone feel comfortable, along with light woods like walnut or oak.

Aching to make the space your own? It's easy! Simply add flair with furniture, lighting, or decor. These things can easily be updated and changed as time goes on, making a classic kitchen design the ultimate in flexibility.

Find Your Flooring

As you put together your classic kitchen ideas, you'll want to think about how the flooring will tie in with your other looks.

If you have a lot of contrast in your fixtures and cabinets, you may want your floor to pull it all together. Or, you could keep your floor neutral and think about how it can make the room feel bigger or smaller and more cozy.

The perfect traditional kitchen flooring style will have the same comfortable, timeless feel as the rest of the room. Light woods can be perfect. For more durability, consider laminate that appears to be the real thing.

You can also go with neutral tiles and even have a patterned floor to bring interest into your design. However you choose to create the right classic kitchen flooring style, My Design Builder is here to help!

Simply select your flooring materials next, and the browse the ideas and options we have for color. We have everything you need to make your classic kitchen design a success!