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What's your kitchen style?

There's something about a kitchen that makes it the heart of a home. Maybe it's the food that's prepared there. Maybe it's the warmth that comes from the stovetop and oven. Whatever it is that makes it so special, the kitchen is a place that should be designed well. You should be able to choose a style that fits your family and your lifestyle. There are so many kitchen design styles and kitchen flooring ideas. My Design Finder is the perfect tool to help you narrow down your options. Whether you want a modern, sleek look or a classic and traditional feel, there are great choices available. Or, maybe you want to go with a farmhouse vibe, or enjoy a bit of everything with an eclectic look. No matter what, we can help you pick the style and kitchen flooring options that are perfect for you!

Choosing a flooring style for your kitchen

Are you ready to design your dream kitchen? If so, let's dive in!

The My Design Finder tool make it easy to choose everything you need as you examine kitchen design styles and kitchen flooring options.

First, choose a style that suits you. A modern, contemporary kitchen gives you strong lines, black and white contrast, and shiny finishes. A classic look is well-ordered with soft lines. A compromise between those two is the transitional style.

Or, you might like something bolder. A farmhouse style will give you warm tones, traditional and reclaimed wood, and rustic decor. You might enjoy a coastal look that's light and airy with colors that mimic the beach.

Perhaps it all sounds good! An eclectic style lets you have a bit of everything. Choose specific elements that you enjoy, like cool blue colors, reclaimed wood, and strong metallic fixtures.

Whatever kitchen design style you're after, we'll help you find the perfect look and kitchen flooring ideas. Choose your style to take the next step!