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Wood Flooring for a Transitional Dining Room

Wood flooring is a very traditional element in many rooms, including a dining room. As a result, it can be exactly what you're looking for in your transitional design. However, don't feel confined to a traditional look - you can use painted woods or dark colors to create a very modern feel in your space.

Wood is an excellent foundation that allows you to showcase a variety of design elements, from light fixtures to furniture to art. Even as a "background," it never fades away because it's so welcoming and full of natural charm.

Choosing wood or wood look flooring is a great way to add value to your home because it's in high demand and fits well with almost any design style. If resale is a primary concern for you, go with a neutral tone and use your furniture and other decor as your primary statement pieces.

Let My Design Finder help you choose the wood or wood look flooring that's perfect for your space. Get ideas from our images, and the browse our wide selection! You're sure to find the perfect flooring style for your space.

How to Find Your Flooring

Choosing wood or wood look flooring in your dining room might feel like giving preference to the traditional side of your style, but it doesn't have to be. You can set wood at a diagonal, use black and white, or choose a strong pattern to create contrast.

If you're concerned about durability, simply look at the large range of wood look flooring available. You can get wood tones in laminate, vinyl, and other materials as well. Not even toddlers can hold you back from having the gorgeous flooring style you've dreamed of!

Consider the size of your space and furniture before settling on a specific flooring style. Something that looks great alone may not go well with the other pieces you plan to bring in, and it may simply not work well for your space.

Natural lighting, ceiling height, and how your dining room connects to other spaces also play a part in choosing the right flooring style. Fortunately, you're not alone making this decision. Our room design tool is full of inspiration. When you have the ideas you need, you can look at the transitional dining room wood flooring colors and styles we have available to choose the perfect option. Get started today!