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Transitional Dining Rooms

Clean lines and open spaces make a dining room functional and easy to use, but a fully modern style can be too harsh. If you're interested in a design style that brings together the best of modern design and traditional comfort, a transitional style is perfect for you.

In a transitional dining room design, you can still enjoy sleek angles while having comfortable seating and warmth in decor. You can use your flooring to soften a modern-style table, or mix sharp furniture with padded seating.

A polished stainless steel light fixture can bring a contemporary feel to a room while patterned wallpaper adds detail and softness. Mixing these two styles is a great way to enjoy the best of both.

To get transitional dining room ideas, browse our images above. When you're ready, let My Design Finder help you select the perfect flooring style to complement your design.

Find Your Flooring

Using a transitional dining room design makes your flooring options even more diverse. From carpeting softening modern decor and furniture, to a dark flooring that offsets a traditional table, the sky is the limit.

There are so many flooring materials that work well in a dining room. Wood is a traditional choice, as is durable laminate in a variety of colors or styles.

You can choose carpet for the softness and comfort it brings, or tile to introduce a pattern you love.

Once you choose your flooring material, the next step is to choose the color and pattern. Plain white or black? Checkered? A neutral base? Or a bright accent?

My Design Finder can help you explore all of your options. Select your material, and view the colors and designs available. Don't see the perfect fit? Come back to this page and browse other material options!

Your transitional dining room design will come together perfectly when you choose the right flooring style. Get started now!