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Rustic Farmhouse Dining Rooms

A chunky wooden farm table can be the perfect centerpiece for a rustic farmhouse dining room design. Do you have exposed beams that you can take advantage of, or can you reclaim a door or window frame to paint and use as decor?

If so, a rustic farmhouse dining room style could be perfect for you. Bring the countryside indoors as you create a room perfect for gathering friends and family.

Wood features strongly in any rustic farmhouse design, including the dining room. But don't feel limited to a brown or tan color scheme! Distressed paint on a frame or even a wooden wheel can be the perfect design element for your room.

Hanging lanterns can add to the country vibe, as can wood on the walls and antique furniture. Don't overdo it or make it kitschy, but enjoy everything about bringing the outdoors in.

When you've gathered your rustic farmhouse dining room ideas from our images here, it's time to select the flooring style that will bring the room together. Get started on your room design today!

Find Your Flooring

A wood floor is perfect in any rustic farmhouse dining room design, but it's far from the only option. There are so many ways to bring a rustic feel into a room!

Besides choosing durable laminate - which can be created in any number of colors and patterns - you can also choose stone or tile.

Bringing a rustic feel into your room using a rug or other floor covering, giving you the chance to use any flooring style you like. Or, go traditional and choose either a light or dark wood - whatever fits your space.

As you gather your rustic farmhouse dining room ideas, you'll want to make sure the flooring pulls it all together. You can choose a neutral, or make the flooring the focal point.

However you choose to design your space, My Design Finder can help! Choose your flooring material, and then browse the various colors and designs available. Afterward, come back to this page and choose another material if you like!

The dining room of your dreams awaits - let us help you create it today!