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Wood Flooring for a Modern & Contemporary Dining Room

Wood and wood look flooring has been a classic in dining rooms for years. What you may not realize is there's far more you can do with it than a simple brown plank. When you are experimenting with modern design, your wood and wood look flooring style can take center stage.

Black painted wood, or simply a dark wood color, can be striking and help you showcase the other elements of your space. On the other hand, a lighter color can highlight the clean lines and open space that modern design is known for.

Think about your furniture, light fixtures, and artwork. You want to make sure you have a few showstoppers, but not so many that the space feels chaotic. How does your flooring style fit into that picture?

As you look for modern dining room wood flooring ideas, we are here to help. Get inspiration from the images on this page, and then browse the wood and wood look flooring we have available. We make it easy to design your dream space!

How to Find Your Flooring

When you think of an inviting dining room, you probably think about wood or wood look flooring. It's what's in all the magazines. And that may make you want to avoid it.

Never fear, however. Wood and wood look flooring in your dining room doesn't have to be cliche. Depending on the color and pattern you choose, it can be dramatic and add a great modern feel to the space.

Wood comes in many colors other than classic brown. And your decor, art, and lightning will make all the difference in how a wood flooring style comes off in your space. If you don't use the traditional table, chairs, and decor, you won't have a traditional space!

Instead, focus on using your wood flooring to highlight your design. Should it bring in sharp lines and pattern on its own? Or do you want it to create a backdrop against which your own design elements can shine?

Get ideas from the images we have here. Then, browse the wood flooring options we have available. You're sure to find the perfect flooring style for your dream dining room!