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Tiled Flooring for a Modern & Contemporary Dining Room

Tiled flooring is an incredible but often-overlooked option for modern dining room design. Where else can you find such an abundance of sharp lines and contrast, available at almost any size? Small tile gives one look, and larger tile gives a totally different feel. It's perfect for a contemporary dining room.

Tile has a lot of advantages over other flooring. It can be easier to care for than real wood, stone, or even carpet. It's easy to clean. And if you worry about tile cracking or grout being difficult, there are tile look options in a variety of flooring materials. All of this means that bringing the beauty of tile into your space is easier than it's ever been.

As you put together a modern dining room, consider the roles that your tile flooring style can play. You can create a pattern in the center of the space, with solid black or white around it. You can bring in a repeating look in high-contrast, or keep it more subtle. You can play up colors in your artwork or furniture, or keep the flooring neutral.

However you want to use modern dining room tiled flooring, we make it easy. Our room design tool gives you ideas and then helps you find the perfect flooring style for your space. Get started today!

Find Your Flooring

Finding tiled flooring for a modern dining room design can be hard simply because the options are so abundant. There's no one way to "do tile right" in modern design. The nature and shape of tile make the options endless!

Large and medium tile patterns have very different affects on a space. You want to find a size that will look great in your space without looking too busy or uninteresting. You can also experiment with how you lay tile - diagonal lines can trick the eye into seeing a space as larger than it is, which is perfect for a small dining room.

The other factors that affect how your flooring style will look include the amount of natural light you have, the ceiling height, wall space, and size of your other elements. A huge table will look better with a different tile flooring style than a small one will.

Finally, consider whether your idea tile design will vary tile sizes or keep the same size. Often, people choose to pattern larger and smaller tiles together to create more visual interest and avoid a hard grid. However, for modern design, a hard grid may be perfect!

However you choose to use your tile flooring style, My Design Finder makes it simple to find the perfect flooring. We have photos for inspiration, and a variety of modern-focus tile colors and styles available. Your dream dining room is within reach - start today!