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Modern & Contemporary Dining Rooms

Sleek lines, uncluttered space, and a focus on metals and contrast - does that sound like your dream dining room? If so, you may enjoy a modern dining room design. Our images above can give you a lot of modern dining room ideas, so dive in!

The centerpiece of your room can be a black table with sharp angles and chairs that match the polished look. Create contrast with decor and beautiful flooring. Your guests will be wowed!

Or, consider making architecture the focus of the room. Window or ceiling details can be highlighted and furniture, colors, and design can be made to bring out the best. You can even use a hanging light fixture to create interest if the room is plain.

However you choose to highlight your modern dining room design, we're here to help. Let My Design Finder give you inspiration and help you pick out the perfect modern flooring style. Create the dining room of your dreams today!

Find Your Flooring

What kind of floor is perfect for a modern dining room design? There are a ton of options!

Perhaps a dark floor would create drama and allow you to contrast with white walls or light furniture. You may want a stone floor, which is durable and beautiful.

You may look into wood flooring, which can be used as-is or painted. You can also choose a more durable laminate, which can be almost any color or design.

If you're ready to get ideas for your modern dining room flooring style, we're here to help. Select the flooring material you're interested in, and review the colors and patterns available.

Want to check out a different material? No problem! Come back to this page and make a different selection.

Your dream dining room flooring style awaits!