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Transitional Bedrooms

Many people love the open, functional look of a modern design, but long for something softer and more inviting. By using a transitional bedroom design style, you can bring it the elements of modern clean lines you love, with the warmth you crave in your bedroom.

As your daily retreat from the world, it's vital that your bedroom be everything you want it to be. Many people find clutter stressful, but they don't enjoy a spare, angular room. It just seems cold.

Instead, accent the architectural details in your bedroom but soften it with warm colors and soft decor. Consider an angular headboard or bed frame to bring in the clean lines of a modern look, while pillows on the bed or a sitting sofa bring in traditional elements.

Our images give you a variety of transitional bedroom style ideas, so find your inspiration here! Once you've determined the look you want, you can move on to choosing the perfect flooring style.

Find Your Flooring

Choosing the flooring for a transitional bedroom gives you a lot of options. One simple transitional flooring design style is to use neutral tones in a soft material, allowing other design elements in your bedroom to shine.

Or, you can choose a more modern flooring - perhaps a dark wood, or painted black wood floor - to create contrast and interest. Warm it with throw rugs, and allow other parts of the bedroom design to bring in traditional elements.

Whatever you choose, you'll want to review a variety or transitional bedroom flooring options before making your decision. Fortunately, My Design Finder makes that simple.

Simply choose the floor material you're most interested in now. From there, you can browse color options. Don't like what you see? No problem - come back here and choose another material for more alternatives!