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Tiled Flooring for a Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

From shabby sleek to country chic, tile flooring for your farmhouse-themed bedroom can make your space feel light and airy, or warm and rustic.

Our "Texas big" selection of tile flooring has all the designs you need to turn your bedroom into clean and contemporary quarters that resemble old European countryside.

With tiles that range from clean and glossy to weathered and decorative, your bedroom floor will beam in lumiose style.

How will you tile your fashionable farmhouse bedroom?

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Although it may not seem as warm and welcoming as wood, tile offers fans of farmhouse fashion something that wood can't – decorative designs.

If the rest of your bedroom decor consists of exposed brick, weathered wood and rusted metal, consider the creative elegance of a clean, stylish tile floor. Let it tie the room together or take center stage, the choice is yours and we've got the options to choose from.

Reference the My Design Finder asset tool to navigate our assortment of rural chic tile designs for the bedside in your countryside room!