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Carpeting for a Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

In an age where technology runs the world, it's nice to have a nightly retreat that can take you back to a simpler time.

Give your bedroom that cozy and stylish lived-in look without enduring the long years of wear and tear to get there!

Our carpet options range from weathered and worn to earthy colors and shades, and everything in between.

Whether you've got furniture made from century-old barn wood or vintage decor, our carpet designs can help provide an extra sense of warmth and welcome to your humble farmhouse bedroom.

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Rustic farmhouse decor just feels homey! It's weathered appearance exudes a familiar sense of welcome throughout a room – perfect for making guests feel comfortable.

Why wouldn't you want that for your guest bedroom, or even your master bedroom. Ditch the rooster, but keep the look – it's time to wake up to comfort!

Our rustic country carpet styles can take your bedroom from dull drab to farmhouse fab!

For additional help finding the perfect country home bedroom carpet style, check out My Design Finder!

It's simple and pleasant – just like country charm!