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Rustic Farmhouse Bedrooms

There's nothing like the countryside to soothe frazzled nerves. Why not bring that peaceful feeling into your bedroom through a rustic farmhouse bedroom design?

Of course, this is not about hay on the floor or a kitschy overdone style. Rather, it's about bringing natural colors, natural light, and natural materials into your space.

Wood takes center stage in a rustic farmhouse bedroom. Whether you use wood on the floor, walls, bed frame, decor, or all of the above, you'll want to have plenty warm browns in the design.

Exposed ceiling beams can do a lot to bring the feel of a rustic farmhouse to your room. Other rustic farmhouse bedroom ideas include hanging lanterns, woven rugs, and weathered wood.

If you're working with a rustic farmhouse bedroom design, you may worry about the room feeling to heavy. You can balance that out with lighter linens, white accents, and careful spacing. A larger room allows for more decor than a smaller space.

If you're ready to bring the farm feel into your home, a rustic farmhouse bedroom is perfect for you! Browse our images for inspiration today.

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Ready to choose the flooring for your rustic farmhouse bedroom design? My Design Finder is here to make it easy!

Wood is an obvious choice for this type of style, but don't think that's your only choice. You can choose wood-appearing flooring as well, which is more durable and can save you money.

You can even choose a less traditional flooring, such as carpet or tile. Carpet can soften a wood-heavy space, and tile can be designed to bring in a variety of visual interest.

Keep an open mind and explore all of your alternatives. Simply choose a material in My Design Finder, and you'll see the color choices available. Afterward, feel free to come back here and make a different choice.

You may be surprised how many rustic farmhouse bedroom flooring styles there are! Let us help you choose the flooring style that's perfect for your home today.