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Tiled Flooring for a Modern & Contemporary Bedroom

Sure, homeowners are quick to accept tile in the kitchen and bathroom – in the bedroom? Not so much. It's cold and hard, right?
Wrong! Tile flooring in your bedroom has some newfound pros you probably have never thought of!

First, it's a great feature for radiant heating. Tile is ideal for installing electric heating mats under the floor, creating warmth and comfort that spreads throughout the entire room.

Second, new tile options in a variety of colors and textures allow you to create a unique look while taking advantage of modern technology. New types of tile, like porcelains, can mimic the look of wood making your bedroom feel warm and welcoming.

Think you know tile? Think again!

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Tile doesn't have to come across as sterile and cold. In fact, with so many new types of contemporary tile types like porcelains, your tiled bedroom floor doesn't even have to look like tile. It can mimic the look of oak, birch, walnut and many other woods.

Or do you prefer a more traditional tiled look? Distinctive Spanish-style tile or bold, colorful patterns? Tile comes in so many finishes, types, textures and colors that you're sure to find something that will surprise you.

So break out of the box and the bedroom routine with tile, your new bedroom flooring project!

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