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Modern & Contemporary Bedrooms

If a cluttered room gives you a cluttered mind, then a modern bedroom design may be exactly what you need.

A bedroom should help you feel relaxed so that you can unwind. It should be a place that you can rest, get away from the stress of the world, and truly be yourself.

For many people, that's easiest when the bedroom has a modern style. Colors can be kept neutral, with whites, blacks, and greys dominating. You may want to choose a bed with sharp lines and edges, such as a platform bed.

Don't feel like a modern bedroom has to be cold or uninviting, however. You can use accent colors, soft bedding, and more in a simple, open, functional room.

Our images give you a variety of modern bedroom style ideas to get you started. Once you've settled on your look, you can review the modern bedroom flooring options in My Design Finder.

Ease your mind at the end of a long day with the clean open look of a modern bedroom design!

Find Your Flooring

How do you choose flooring for a modern bedroom design? If you think you're stuck with cold concrete, think again. While architectural elements are an important part of a modern style, it doesn't mean you're stuck with stone and beams.

Instead, get to the heart of modern design and think about what would be functional and simple. The most functional flooring may be a soft carpet that keeps you warm and cozy. Or you might choose wood, or a sturdy laminate.

If you do choose a hard floor, consider warming the space with some functional and simple rugs. These can give you an accent color or a pop of interest in your space.

If you're ready to get some modern bedroom flooring ideas, My Design Finder is here to make it easy! Select the flooring type you want to explore, and then review the color options available.

Choosing your modern bedroom flooring style is quick and easy - it's time to explore!