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Eclectic Bedrooms

Do you want a unique bedroom that is different from anyone else's? Would it break your heart to see your exact bedroom in the pages of a magazine?

If so, you'll love eclectic bedroom design. No one will have a space exactly like yours, that's for sure! You get to choose exactly the elements of other designs that you like, and bring them together in your own unique way.

Don't assume the eclectic has to mean "chaotic." Nothing is further from the truth! Your eclectic bedroom design will be just as comfortable and inviting as any other style. You're simply choosing what you love from a variety of looks.

Love clean lines along with an ocean vibe? Perfect! Want to decorate your exposed-beam wooden bedroom with antiques and ornate detail? Why not?

Bring together what you love into a single room. Don't worry if it fits a "style" - it's you, and that's what truly matters.

Consider how to create a room that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy. Those are the feelings your bedroom should bring. Does that mean a lot of knick-knacks? Does it mean clean, open spaces?

Whatever it means, My Design Finder can help you find the inspiration you need. Browse our images of eclectic bedroom design above, and then choose the perfect flooring style for you!

Find Your Flooring

There are so many fun options for an eclectic bedroom flooring style. The only limit is your own imagination and comfort.

What type of floor says peace and relaxation to you? A patterned tile? A beautiful carpet? A bold color that sets off the decor of the rest of the room?

You have a ton of eclectic flooring options for your bedroom. Consider stone, laminate, wood, or carpet. Each of these have a variety of patterns that could fit perfectly into your style.

The goal is to create a haven you enjoy escaping to at the end of the day. For many people, that involves gentle colors. Or, you may prefer a single bold accent, with other tones being more subtle.

Your floor may be part of the backdrop allowing your eclectic style to shine. Or, you may choose to make the floor one of the focal points of the design.

Whatever appeals to you, we can make it easy. With My Design Finder, you simply choose your material, and then look at the colors and patterns available. If you want to keep looking, simply come back here and choose a different material!

We want to help you create the eclectic bedroom design you dream of. Choose your flooring today!