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Coastal Beach House Bedrooms

The warmth, the waves, the sun... there's a reason people will pay a premium to be near the beach. Unfortunately, most of us don't have that opportunity. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the feel and peace of the beach in our homes!

By choosing a coastal beach house bedroom design, you can enjoy the colors and laid-back feel of the ocean in your house every night. An island oasis doesn't have to be a fantasy or far-off dream - it can be your reality every day.

To create a peaceful ocean feel in your bedroom, think first about color. The color palate of the beach is a mix of cool blues and greens, warm browns, and soft yellows. You can use those colors on your walls, floor, and more.

Consider the space and decor of the room as well. You want a peaceful, laid-back feeling, so avoid clutter. Consider what beach-style decorations you can bring in, without overdoing the look.

Of course, you want your flooring style to match as well. Our images will give you a ton of coastal beach house bedroom ideas, including flooring options. Take a look, and then use My Design Finder to put together the perfect flooring style as well!

Find Your Flooring

When it comes to coastal beach house bedroom flooring styles, you may wish you could just import warm sand. However, that would be a lot messier and less fun than you think.

Instead, think about how to bring the coastal beach feel into your flooring. Do you want a light brown, soft carpet to approximate that sandy beach? Or do you prefer wood flooring with rugs that make you feel like you put a towel down on a dock?

You can choose a variety of colors as well. Perhaps a mix of blues and browns, a white and blue scheme that resembles an ocean sky, or an angular tiled pattern? If you're really bold, stripes are always a great nautical theme.

A coastal beach house bedroom design can be masculine, feminine, or more neutral. It all depends on the choices you make. Our images above will give you a lot of coastal beach house bedroom ideas.

When you're ready, choose your flooring! Pick your material in My Design Finder, and then browse the colors and patterns available. You can always come back here and choose another material to review as well.

Enjoy designing your coastal beach house retreat!