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Classic & Traditional Bedrooms

If you want your bedroom to be the ultimate oasis, a traditional bedroom design may be perfect for you. There's something about warm colors, luxurious materials, and soft blankets that make your bedroom the perfect escape.

When designing your traditional bedroom, don't feel like it has to look the same as anyone else's room. You can get a lot of traditional bedroom ideas from our images above, but you certainly aren't locked in to recreating them!

Choose rich color and an almost-formal feel for a traditional bedroom design. Classic design and attention to detail also define this look. Consider flourishes, like a more ornate bed frame and headboard. Or, you can bring in details through bed coverings, pillows, curtains, and more.

Remember that traditional style doesn't mean your bedroom feels like a museum! You want it to be warm and inviting, not boring or dated. Fortunately, there are a variety of traditional decorating options that fit perfectly in the 21st century.

If you're ready to move forward with your design, it's time to choose your traditional flooring style. We're here to help!

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A traditional bedroom has wonderful warm tones, a more formal feel, and beautiful detail at every level. Your flooring can reflect that same style!

If you're interested in a more serene vibe, you can choose a soft neutral flooring, with carpet being the obvious choice. However, you can bring in that same warmth with wood flooring and gorgeous rugs as well.

For a more durable floor, laminate is a great choice, and can be made to appear like almost any material.

Don't be afraid of color or patterns! The flooring can be a great place to add pops of interest, or you can use the floor to bring out the wall color or other details. A repeating angular pattern on the floor, for instance, can be beautiful.

Most of all, make sure the room and the flooring reflect your personality. You'll feel the most comfortable when you're resting in a room that feels fully like you and reflects your lifestyle.

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